Policy, Plans, and Program Development

Third Quarter Accomplishments (CY 2019):

A. National Policies and Programs
  • The Guideline When Handling Children Allegedly Involved in Dangerous Drugs was approved by the Dangerous Drugs Board on June 27 through DDB Board Resolution No. 4, series of 2019.
  • Completed the pre-test validation workshop on the Process Flowchart with forty-two (42) participants from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao in July 24, 2019 to test the visual, usefulness, and clarity of the flowcharts. The participants rated 3.9 which is very satisfy to the draft flowcharts.
  • Process Flowchart layout has been done by Advocacy and Communications Division (ACD) and shall be presented to the JJWC Council members during the Regular Council meeting on October 11, 2019.

In partnership with the Supreme Court Committee on Family Courts and Juvenile Concerns (SC-CFCJC), Philippine Judiciary Academy (PHILJA) and the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the third batch of training is scheduled on October 14-18, 2019 for court judges and court personnel.

  • Validation workshop/pre-testing of the diversion toolkit was completed with a total of fifty-one (51) participants composed of diversion committee members at the barangay level from Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao on July 21-23, 2019 in Elan Hotel, San Juan City.
  • Revised Diversion Toolkit was submitted to the management for inputs/comments and approval. The approved toolkit shall be subjected to field testing in two barangays (RURAL and URBAN). An actual CICL case eligible for diversion shall be facilitated and monitored at the barangay. The field testing shall test the efficiency and effectiveness in facilitating the diversion proceedings, designing and implementing and monitoring of the diversion programs of the CICL. The results of the field test will enhance the diversion toolkit for finalization.
  • The program was presented during the JJW Council meeting, the JJWC Alternate Chairperson and the other council members approved the Buklod Paglaom for CICL and directed for routing to other council members for their approval. To date, seven council members (DSWD, CWC, CHR, DILG, DOH, PREDA and CPTCSA) signed the Council Resolution No.4, series of 2019: Adopting the Buklod Paglaom para sa CICL (Holistic Psychological and Economic Interventions for CICL) as the Bahay Pag-Asa Intensive Juvenile Intervention.
  • The Buklod Paglaom para sa CICL or the Holistic Psycholgical and Economic (HOPE) Interventions for CICL is the framework to be utilized in formulating the BPA-IJISC Program Guide. This program is conceptualized by DSWD in compliance with the requirements of RA 10630 which mandates that CICL who are alleged to have committed serious offense or who have offended several time should be subjected to an intensive intervention. Based on the principle of restorative justice, it addresses the factors in the child, his family and the community that caused him/her to offend and will more likely to result in his/her re-offending, if not responded to.

Re-endorsed the JJWC approved and adopted Proposed Minimum Standards for the Operation, Establishment, Improvement and Accreditation of Bahay Pag-Asa Pending Issuance of DSWD Standards for Bahay Pag-asa to the DSWD Secretary for issuance on July 18, 2019.

B. Regional Policies

Seven (7) RJJWCs reported having approved/issued/updated/developed resolutions. These are the following:

Resolution NumberTitleRegion
Resolution No. 01, 2019A Resolution Re-Organizing the Technical Working Groups of the Regional Juvenile Justice and Welfare CommitteeRJJWC – CAR
Resolution No. 02, 2019A Resolution recommending the Sanguniang Kabataan as additional member to the Regional Juvenile Justice and Welfare CommitteeRJJWC – CAR
Resolution no. 04, 2019A Resolution extending the membership of CFSPI and SLU Sunflower to the Regional Juvenile Justice and Welafre Committee – CAR for anather Two (2) yearsRJJWC – CAR
ResolutionA Resolution for the Mandatory Creation of Functional Diversion Committee at the Barangay, Local Social Welfare and Development Office and Police LevelsRJJWC – NCR
Resolution No. S. 2019Requesting the Honorary Membership of Ms. Perpetua Tobias of the OASIS Psychological Testing Center to the RJJWCRJJWC II
Resolution No. 2. S. 2019Formalizing the Composition of the RJJWC Monitoring Team for RRCY, Bahay Pag-asa and Detention Facilities in the RegionRJJWC-II
Resolution Formalizing the Membership of the Good Shepherd Shelter for Children (GSSC) as an NGO Representative to the RJJWC and to Continue Performing its FunctionRJJWC-II
Resolution creating Vice-Chairperson of the RJJWC IXRJJWC IX
Resolution Approving the Simplified Template of Three Year Comprehensive Barangay Juvenile Intervention Plan Results Matrix.RJJWC-NCR
Referendum- Draft Committee Resolution Re; RJJWC-TWG XI members of CY 2019RJJWC-TWG XI
Resolution No. 03, 2019Resolution requesting the Department of Budget and Management to exempt the office of the local social welfare and development on the personnel servicesRJJWC-CAR
A Resolution for the Department of Health to issue a Memorandum to all Government Hospitals managed by DOH not to collect any payment to all Duty Bearers in securing medical certificate for Children in Conflict with the LawRJJWC-NCR
Resolution No. 02 Series of 2019A resolution of adopting the Guidelines on the implementation of the Bugkos Paglaom (A convergence program of the RJJWC Bicol) in pilot LGUsRJJWC-V
Resolution No. 03 Series of 2019A resolution adopting the criteria for the search of LGU good practice on JJWA implementationRJJWC-V
Resolution No. 13 Series of 2019A Resolution approving replacement of EDUCO and Children International RESOLUTION as NGO representatives to the RJJWC Bicol until designation of nes representatives.RJJWC-V
Resolution No. 13-03-2019A Resolution Requesting the Extended Members of the Committee Particularly the P/CSWDOs as Field Monitors and Coordinators on the Accomplishments of LGUs along the Implementation of R.A. 9344 as Amended by R.A. 10630RJJWC-CARAGA
Resolution No. 13-01-2019A Resolution Requesting the Local Government Units (LGUs) to Identify and Utilize Unused and or Abandoned Building or Spaces within the Locality to Serve as Youth Rehabilitation Facility Cum Custodial Facilities of the Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL) While Pending Trial or Awaiting Disposition of their Cases by the CourtRJJWC-CARAGA
Resolution No.13-02-2019A Resolution Requesting the Sanguniang Kabataan (SK) to Allocate in Their Annual Budget the Orientation on RA 9344 and Related Laws to Children and Youth in Their Respective Barangays and Locale”RJJWC-CARAGA