Coordination, Monitoring, and Technical Assistance

2022 Quarterly Accomplishment Reports

This quarter, the JJWC conducted the 4th regular Council meeting to tackle the following:

  • Options on the construction and operation of facilities for children at risk (CAR) and children in conflict with the law (CICL). The JJWC Secretariat shall work with Ms. Jacquelyn Evangelista and the DSWD to refine the proposal on the construction and operation of the facility for CAR and CICL taking into consideration the comments/inputs of the Council Members. Also, JJWC Secretariat shall consult DBM on the possibility of creating an escrow account for the 1 billion fund for BPA projects or treat it as a continuing fund.
  • Buklod Paglaom Para Sa Children in Conflict with the Law (CICL): Holistic Psychosocial and Economic (HOPE) Interventions project. For the JJWC Secretariat to explore with DBM if part of the 1 billion could be used to fund LGUs’ implementation of the program and follow-up the request to JJWC Chairperson for the issuance of memorandum circular on the utilization of the Manual.
  • Draft action plan in response to the critical findings of Bahay Pag-asa Profiling. The JJWC Secretariat shall route the action plan with specific roles of implementing agencies and timeline, along with a letter from the DSWD Secretary enjoining all member agencies to perform their assigned tasks/roles. The JJWC Secretariat shall also invite the DSWD to present the Guidelines on the Implementation of Model Training Program for Houseparent’s in Residential Care Facilities on the next Council meeting.
  • Comments on the 18th Congress proposed bills amending RA 9344 as amended by RA 10630 (House Bill Nos. 270, 864, 3127 and 1376 and Senate Bill Nos. 81 and 5). The JJWC Secretariat shall furnish copy of the comments to member agencies for further inputs. The Council Members shall submit their comments one (1) week before the next Council Meeting. The JJWC Secretariat shall provide the Council Members with a summary of studies on foster care for CICL in the next Council Meeting.

During the meeting, Council members also agreed on the following:

On Initial key findings on the result of nationwide Bahay Pag-asa Profiling. The JJWC Secretariat shall draft a letter to be signed by the DSWD Secretary for DILG to:

  • update it on non-attendance of the DILG representative to the JJWC meetings; and
  • sanction non-complying LGUs this is in relation to the President Rodrigo Duterte’s directives to publish/broadcast the list of non-complying LGUs.

At the regional level, 10 RJJWCs conducted Committee meetings. A total of 13 meetings were held with the following significant discussions and agreements:

  • Dialogue on the proper handling and reporting of CAR and CICL especially in jails (RJJWC XI);
  • Documentation of community-based best practices (RJJWC XI);
  • RJJWC secretariat to coordinate with the PAO on the status of the CICL case in Guilhungan City (RJJWC VII);
  • Committee shall conduct courtesy call with PSWDO-Cebu to have additional temporary holding facilities for CICL using refurbished container vans (RJJWC VII);
  • RJJWC VII in coordination with Cebu province shall package documentation of refurbished container vans used as temporary holding facilities for CICL;
  • PAO, DOJ, DSWD and PNP will present the process they following handling the CICL cases. (RJJWC V);
  • Committee members to submit their comments on the concept paper of the Bugkos –Paglaom (RJJWC V);
  • Presentation of the 8th JJWeek activities (RJJWC IV CALABARZON);
  • Honorary membership of Psychological Testing Center to the Committee (RJJWC II);
  • Formalizing Creation of Monitoring Team for BPAs and detention facilities and use of JJWC monitoring tool (RJJWC II);
  • Approval and adoption of catch up plan (RJJWC I)
  • Updates on the CICL cases in the detention (RJJWC I);
  • Presentation of statistics of CICL in NCR served by NCRPO (RJJWC NCR);
  • Nomination of NGO representative and Vice Chairperson of RJJWC NCR;
  • Secretariat the LGU profile as an output of the 1st RJJWC Summit attended by some committee member (RJJWC CAR)
  • The CAR and CICL Registry shall be utilized by WCPD, LSWDO and BCPC for consistency of data and reports (RJJWC CAR)
  • Revised indicators of the CRJIP for inputs/comments by the committee (RJJWC CAR);
  • CHR to follow up action of the Kalinga Pahay Pag-asa on their report regarding the complaint against the house parent (RJJWC CAR)

For the third quarter, the agency through the assistance of the Regional Secretariats continued coordinating the on-going BPA projects with LGUs. The following are now the status:

  • BPA improvement project in Caloocan City – 100% completed;
  • BPA improvement in Ifugao – 100% completed
  • BPA improvement in Zamboanga City – 100% completed
  • BPA Construction project in Camarines Norte – 100% completed with full liquidation of the Php 5M fund support
  • BPA Construction project in Puerto Princesa City – 70%
  • BPA Construction project in Cebu Province – construction on going
  • BPA Construction Project in Cagayan de Oro – fund support has just been downloaded; procurement shall commence by last quarter.
  • BPA Construction Project in Tacurong City – MOA signed by both parties; On a letter dated 16 September 2019, LGU requested for the transfer of first 50% of the national government counterpart from the DEO so it can proceed with procurement.

One Hundred Twenty-Six (126) detention facilities were inspected by RJJWCs CAR, NCR, II, IV CALABARZON, V, VII, IX, XI and Caraga. Of the 126 facilities inspected, two (2) refer to PAO to manifest the transfer of the minor to BPA, three (3) release to families, forty-three (43) released to LSWDO, forty-four (44) still awaiting follow through intervention/process of release on-going, two (2) transferred to youth home facilities and eight (8) transferred to prison-were found to be of the age of majority.

Seventeen BPAs were monitored during this quarter by RJJWCs CAR (3), NCR (3), I (1), II (2), V (5), and Caraga (3). Sixteen (16) BPAs are operational and one (1) BPA from Ifugao still awaiting for thefor the inauguration of newly built BPA. The BPAs in Valenzuela and Mandaluyong (NCR), Santiago City and Cauayan City (Region II), New Corella, Davao City and Nabuntaran (Region XI) are all accredited. Children’s Village in Davao is still awaiting for the completion of the on-going construction.

RJJWCs CAR, I, II, NCR, V, IX, XI, and Caraga were able to provide orientations/training on the following:

  • Development of Comprehensive Local Juvenile Intervention Plan (CLJIP) (RJJWC Caraga, IX V,I, NCR, CAR)
  • Orientation on Assessing of Bahay Pag-asa (Funds) and Lobbying for the MACR and the Implementation of RA9344 as amended (RJJWC Caraga)
  • Roll out training on the use of data registry cum Orientation on R.A 10630 (RJJWC XI, V)
  • Orientation on Bugkos-Paglaom (RJJWC V)
  • Roll out Training on the NJJWMIS Case Management (RJJWC II)
  • Orientation on RA 9344 as amended and Diversion Process (RJJWC II, NCR, CAR)
  • Process Flowchart in Handling CAR and CICL (RJJWC II)
  • Training on Diversion, Diversion proceedings and Diversion Program (RJJWC CAR)

Results of the foregoing orientations/training are as follows:

  • Participants equipped with knowledge and skills on RA 9344 as amended, formulation of CLJIP and Handling Diversion and Intervention programs and draft their respective CLJIPs;
  • Participants equipped with the use of standard data registry and familiarized on the law.
  • Participants were able appreciate the importance of understanding the flowcharts in managing CAR and CICL cases and the roles and functions of BCPC
  • Improved understanding and level of awareness on the roles of Punong Barangays, BCPC members and other barangay officials in the management of CAR and CILC cases
  • Informed of the concept of diversion, process of diversion, members and roles of BCPC in the conduct of diversion proceedings and implementation of diversion program